About Us

About Our Company

 Standby Power Engineering Company (SPECOM) was established in the year 2001 in Guyana with an objective to provide Clean and Uninterruptible power to critical and sensitive electronic devices.  SPECOM has a dedicated team which comprises skilled Human Resource, Accounting, Project Engineering and Customer Support personnel who daily synergize their efforts to ensure our valued customers receive the highest efficiency, availability, cost effectiveness and reliability of power to their equipment. 

What We Offer

 Our OEM Product offering consist of the follow types of equipment: 

  •   Uninterruptible Power Supply
  •   Data Centre
  •   Equipment Monitoring Software
  •   Solar-Renewable Technology
  •   Power Distribution
  •   Standby Generators
  •   Telecomm DC Power
  •   Transfer Switching Technology
  •   Power Protection Devices
  •   Transformer Technology
  •   Inverter Solutions
  •   Dry Cell Battery Solutions 

To Our Valued Customers,

 Our offered products ranges from low to medium voltage equipment and are supported by our dedicated Customer Service Engineers along with application engineers of the original manufactures. At Specom our customers are our most valuable assets and we strive to ensure that every equipment sold by us operates as per original specification and provides optimum life span with the specified return on investment. 

We recognized the daily rapid technological inventions, demands and modifications, therefore, we are prepared to meet our customers' demands and challenges as per request. 

Managing Director,

Aundrea Cambridge